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Happy New Year!

Hello there! I am grateful you have found your way to my blog. I look forward to sharing the beautiful and sometimes weird reality of real estate with you. I must begin by thanking all of those who have been my mentors, friends, clients and cheerleaders. They all helped me get my bearings as I embarked on my first year of Austin Real Estate. I’d worked in real estate in Virginia before I moved to Austin in 2016.

My love for Austin and my desire to put my real estate skills to use moved me to get back into it. I was intimidated and inspired, but I know I am good at what I do. With the Austin market thriving, it's hard to keep up. There is something new popping up in every corner of the city and the best part is there is something for everyone. I hope I can show you some of what Austin has to offer through my eyes here and on my instagram. I also want to prove to be a resource to you for all things real estate!

Please reach out if there are any specifics you want to be covered or with any feedback you have. Looking forward to 2019!

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